Pay attention to the clarity of your mind, skin…and pee

When we think of a body that’s full of health, we visualize strength, clear, healthy skin tone, lustrous hair, bright clear eyes and radiant energy. On the inside, a healthy body is clear of toxins – both chemically, and mentally. Clarity, therefore, is a great quality of someone in good health. One way we can “see” what’s happening inside the body is by looking at subtle clues on the outside. This is one of my favorite tricks for staying healthy – paying VERY close attention to the little things my body does, so I can make adjustments BEFORE I get sick. Here are a few ways our bodies can help guide us to better health.

Clarity of your pee.
When our urine is clear and pale yellow – it is a signal we are adequately hydrated and nourished. If it is cloudy and dark, however, it is a signal that we need to flush out some built up toxins with some fresh, clean water.

Clarity of your skin.
Some people always have beautiful, clear skin. I am NOT one of them. I have phases where my skin is clear, but for the most part this is the main voice of my body’s inner state. When I am out of balance, my skin is the first to let me know with a nice big pimple on my chin. *sigh* Eastern medicine says that our skin is a reflection of our digestion and liver, so when we have acne, rashes, eczema, it is our body’s way of telling some of us (we all have different symptoms that let us know of an imbalance) that we are out of balance. Inflammed skin is a sign of excess pitta (heat / inflammation) according to Ayurveda. What to do? Cool it down. Balance the pitta dosha by eating lots of dark leafy greens, or other foods with bitter, astringent and sweet tastes. Turmeric also helps my skin tremendously. Reducing exercise intensity to a more moderate pace, and making sure you balance work and play. 

Clarity of your mind.
Ayurveda says “You are what you digest”. This includes food and emotions. We must be able to process our food to get the nutrients out, and we must be able to process our emotions, and let them go so that we have a strong, clear “bodymind”. When we hold onto emotions, negative ones to be precise, we put our mind under stress, which then tells our body that we are being threatened. When we perceive a threat – real or not; physically (tiger chasing us) or mentally (fight with partner), our bodies release stress hormones. Over time, these chemicals cause inflammation and eventually disease. Clear your mind with some of these ideas: deep breathing, meditation, soothing music, being in nature, journaling.

Our bodies want to feel CLARITY. Pay attention to where your body is telling you that more clarity is needed. Have fun!