Acupuncture for Weight Loss at Well Within - Massage and Integrated Health in Newton, Ma

One of the questions many of our clients ask about, however, is if acupuncture can support weight loss. The answer is YES!

Acupuncture is not a weight loss solution, but it is a wonderful complementary therapy to eating right and exercising. With regular treatment, whether the weight issues are caused by metabolic issues, hormonal problems, stress, insomnia, or depression, or any number of causes, acupuncture can help.


As you may be aware, Chinese Medicine and Acupuncture see the body as an integrated whole, and not simply the sum of its parts. Acupuncture considers WHAT in the body system allowed for weight gain and works to rebalance that cause. When it comes to weight issues, we advocate finding more natural solutions to getting healthy.

Acupuncture works by moving the Qi in the Meridians. This will begin to establish a smooth flow of Qi to the entire body and will balance out the system. When a system is in balance, there are no excesses or deficiencies.

When there is a deficiency of Qi creating constant hunger, many eat as an emotional response to certain stimuli, even though the body is actually not hungry. When there is no deficiency (best described as a weakness or a vacuum) then there is no need to constantly find a way to fill it.

Actual hunger can become an appropriate barometer of when one should eat. Balancing out the Meridians can actually cure “hand to mouth” tendencies. That can include unconscious snacking, craving sweets, overeating, and poor food choices.

Likewise, when weight gain is caused by metabolic/hormonal imbalances, poor digestion/absorption, or any other organ system or psychological imbalance, acupuncture’s ability to balance out the Meridians will likely also result in the weight of the body regulating itself.

If you have questions about how Acupuncture can help you on your weight loss journey, please do not hesitate to contact us.