Essential Oil of the Month: Lavender

  Oil Name:  Lavender Plant Part: Flowers Extraction Method: Steam Distilled Note: Middle notes normally give body to essential oil blends and have a balancing effect. The smells of middle notes are not always immediately evident and may take a couple of minutes to...

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How Fresh is Your Food?

Fresh Prana - Ayurvedic Nutrition OMG - I’m so excited! I just had an AHA moment. Well - not exactly a moment - but a new understanding of healthy eating just emerged for me over the past week or so. And the weird thing is - I already knew it! Has that happened to...

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I’m Having A Moment

I’m having a moment. We all have them - those moments of overwhelm that kinda take over your life - sometimes for the whole day, or even longer. Though these moments are less frequent than they used to be, I am no stranger to this mental state. I remember one day in...

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Hey Gorgeous! What’s Your Sign?

Ok don't worry - we're not getting into zodiac signs and horoscopes here at Well Within, but we ARE interested in your DOSHA. Do you know what YOUR dosha is??? You know those fun online quizzes that promise insights into your personality? They can be silly or more on...

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5000 Years Late to the Game (Ayurveda 101)

The more I learn about Ayurveda the more excited I get. Why? Because it validates my experience - and we all love the feeling of validation! I’m sure you can relate - have you ever had a breakthrough - either big or small - that changed you? Changed your perspective...

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30 Small Changes for Better Health: REST

Rest Set yourself up to get GREAT sleep. Sleeping - for some of us - can be very elusive. How can something so simple be so challenging?! Sometimes we just need to help our bodies remember how to slow down, unwind, unplug and get into sleep mode. With some...

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