94 yo beauty


Many years ago, when I began working in the natural wellness industry, I fell in love with the concept that our bodies possess an innate wisdom, and that wisdom, should we choose to trust and listen to it, can guide us into our healthiest selves. This concept resonated so deeply with me, that I knew I was meant to help guide people to trust their bodies and listen to it’s wise messages. Though that spark had ignited in me long ago, it has only been in the past few years, and especially the past few months that I decided to take it up a notch and I committed to really tuning in to my own body and more importantly, taking action on the guidance it was telling me. And I have never felt better! My body really does know whats best for me! Over the years, I have seen clients who are really in tune with their bodies, and others who have completely given up that power and only do what their doctors tell them to do. My observation is that those who trust what they feel and can articulate and take action on what they need, make the most improvements in the health of their bodies.

Learning to trust your intuition, and deciphering the other signals your body sends out, can lead to amazing improvements in many areas of your wellness. Here are some signals you might want to pay attention to:

Digestion quality
Do you have a sensitive stomach or have a tough time digesting your meals? This is a sign that your body is in distress and is begging you to be gentle with yourself. Digestive issues can be related to your emotions, certain types of foods, or even how you eat rather than what you eat. This one is important to tackle as it can lead to a number of chronic health conditions (including poor sleep, poor skin, and poor energy levels). Your intuition may lead you to a nutrition professional, or maybe you’ll start experimenting with cutting back on certain foods you suspect may be causing you discomfort. Improving your digestion can lead to such amazing health benefits (too many to include in this post) that I encourage you to dive in here first as many health conditions end up circling back to what you are putting IN to your body. If you are eating beautiful, colorful, vibrant, living, delicious foods, you will feel all of those things and your best, healthiest self will emerge. 🙂

Sleep quality
Are you sleeping well through the night? And are you waking up refreshed and energized? If the answer is no to either question, you are not in optimal health. This is a signal that your body needs you to take action on. The best course of action is to research how to sleep better naturally, and pay attention to what speaks to YOU. There is a lot of information to learn and a lot of options out there (not just for sleep, but for any health condition). It’s OK to try many different paths, but when you come across one that lights up your intuition, pay attention to that – it is most likely the quickest road for YOU to lead you to better sleep and the amazing benefits sleep can bring.

Skin quality
Is your skin clear and radiant, or is it dull, pale, or have blemishes? If it is the latter, your body is communicating there is imbalance. The skin is a reflection of what is going on inside your body. Poor skin conditions are often related to food, or dehydration, but again, let your intuition guide your research. Find out what foods are good for the skin, and more importantly, which foods might be bad for your skin. There is much to learn, but when you let your intuition guide you, you’ll be much more interested and motivated by what ignites a spark. That’s how you know you’re on track.

Energy levels
Are you tired in the morning? Dragging in the afternoon? Amped up again by bedtime? Need coffee to get through your day? Your body is trying to tell you that shifts need to be made somewhere. A healthy body is an energetic body. It is full of vitality, inspiration, innovation, and creativity. Again, tune in, do your research, and start where your intuition leads you. Maybe its food, or maybe its yoga, exercise, or perhaps something else entirely. Trust yourself, and your body will lead you to better energy levels and ultimately better health.

Even though, at 43 years old, I honestly can’t remember feeling as good as I do now, I continue to be inspired to improve my health. The better I feel, the more motivated I am to get to the next level. I hope I look as radiant as the 94 year old woman in the image above when I am her age. I am having so much fun learning about what makes MY body feel amazing. The best part – anyone can do this! Take it slow, be gentle with yourself and tune in. Trust yourself – your body will lead you to feel better than you could ever imagine – at any age!

Be well!