Back to School, Back to Health New Year Resolution


Happy New (school) Year!!

As someone who thrives on set schedules (with occasional spontaneity of course!) I am so happy the new school year has arrived.  Summer schedules in my house are great – the kids do different camps and different activities all with different hours and transportation needs week to week – and we try to go away as a family too, but it is hard for me to maintain a steady self-care routine during the summer months.

THAT is why I’m so happy about the new school year!! It feels like New Year’s Resolution time! In my mind, Back to School = Back to Health. I’m mostly looking forward to getting back into my morning routine. Get up early; 20 mins meditation; 20 mins of yoga. I love this quiet alone-time ritual and I’m really ready to pick it back up again.

Speaking of routines – Did you know your body thrives on routine?

circadian rhythms

We are designed to be in sync with the rhythms of nature. When we tune in to these rhythms and make efforts to sync up, our bodies respond and health improves. We’ve all heard of the Circadian rhythm, which is generated within the individual (organisms, plants, animals and humans) and tells us when to wake and when to sleep among other things. When this rhythm is honored, and routines are established around it, we are in balance. When we are in balance, our body knows what to do to stay healthy.

My resolution for this year is to try to get dinner on the table by 6PM. (GASP) As a mom of kids with tons of activities – this is going to be a BIG challenge. Even though it’s arguably the busiest time of day, I’m going to go for it. Here’s why:

We now know that eating late puts extra stress on the body and can lead to a decreased immune system, weight gain, poor sleep, and poor digestion just to name a few. Ayurveda teaches that our peak digestion time is 12 noon, and that is the best time to have your biggest meal of the day. By 6pm it has slowed down significantly so in an effort to work WITH our bodies, I want to have my family eat by 6 as much as possible. This might be a tough resolution for me – I’ll keep you posted on how it goes…

Use the fresh start feeling of this time of year to make some re-commitments to your health care.  Try to think of one or two things you can work into your routine to uplevel your health. Need some ideas?  Reach out to us! We are happy to help you brainstorm.

Happy New Year!

Laura and Celeste