The more I learn about Ayurveda the more excited I get. Why? Because it validates my experience – and we all love the feeling of validation! I’m sure you can relate – have you ever had a breakthrough – either big or small – that changed you? Changed your perspective enough to impact how you live your life? This happens to all of us all the time. You have a new understanding of something and then life validates it by giving you opportunities to apply what you learned, so you can see that its true.

Well for me, figuring out how to live a healthy lifestyle that is UNIQUE and CUSTOMIZED to ME – was my breakthrough. When I finally realized that the answers to feeling my best, most energetic self lies in my awareness of what’s happening in my body, my instincts about solutions to symptoms, and my courage to act on them, I knew I wanted to share it with anyone who would listen.

Right about the time I was figuring out the best way to share what I learned, I discovered that my “breakthrough” is old news. The ancient science of Ayurveda has already been teaching all the things (and SO MUCH MORE) that I had discovered on my own for ages. I’m only about 5000 years late to the game – BUT I’M HERE! And I’m ready to share the wisdom of Ayurveda with YOU!

So what is it? Ayurveda translates to the science of life. It is an ancient wellness system developed 5000 years ago in India. Ayurveda recognizes our connection to our environment. We cannot live without space, air, water, the sun, or the earth. These elements (mahabhutas) are not at all separate from us, rather we are made up of all of these elements in different proportions, making us each a unique expression of the elements of the universe. Because no one person is like any other, we each require a unique approach to staying in balance and therefore giving our bodies the best environment to stay healthy.

Ayurveda is personalized medicine. Your daily practices will not look exactly like anyone else’s – even within your family. Learning what practices and balancing techniques YOU need to do requires awareness, knowledge, and trusting your instincts.

Ayurveda is a lifestyle and it is experiential. It recognizes that everything we see, hear, smell, touch, taste, think and feel has an effect on our mind and body. When we learn and experience how it feels to be in balance and out of balance, we can begin to make conscious choices, creating a unique lifestyle for ourselves that supports health and wellbeing.

I LOVE how Ayurveda honors our differences. I LOVE how it honors our environment as part of us. I LOVE that it honors the mental, physical, emotional and spiritual aspect of staying healthy.