Vibrant Health Coaching

Live Vibrantly with Ayurveda

Discover your unique blueprint to health…

Can you imagine being so in tune with your body that you recognize subtle imbalances and KNOW EXACTLY what to DO to correct them before you end up sick or with a chronic condition?

Have you tried the latest diet or exercise fad only to be disappointed that you couldn’t sustain it, or you didn’t get the results you were promised?

Do you ever wonder why fad health programs seem to be so effective for some people, but not others, or why some people love running or yoga, but others can’t stand it and prefer something entirely different?

Tired of confusing information and inconsistent results?

Do you have a sense that there must be a better solution, that health shouldn’t be so complicated and difficult? You’re RIGHT

I spent YEARS experimenting with foods, diets, skin creams and supplements. My results – inconsistent. Until… I found Ayurveda.

We are all unique and and we are all entitled to vibrant health. The way we get there, and the practices we adopt to maintain our vibrancy will look different for everyone. How do you figure out what YOUR body needs???

Learn to Live in Vibrant Health

That’s where I come in! I’m Laura Viale. Using the ancient wisdom of Ayurveda, I will teach you how to read your body’s signals so that you don’t have to rely on restrictive diets, expensive supplements, or excessive and strenuous physical routines.

Let me tell you from personal experience – feeling vibrantly healthy is addicting. The lifestyle you will fall in love with, will be created by YOU. You will stick with it because your inner wisdom will always guide you to THRIVE and feel more ALIVE than you ever thought possible. Uncovering the universal intelligence that regulates your heartbeat, your breath, your very being – is only partially utilized for most of us. I will teach you to tap into and use that intelligence that’s already there… waiting for you to discover.

We ALL have the ability to learn – or more accurately – RE-learn how to use our instincts to rebalance and maintain a healthy life. This is what Ayurveda teaches and I am thrilled to be your guide in uncovering your own intuition when it comes to your health.

These one on one coaching sessions will be completely customized to you and your unique bodymind type (or dosha type). You will learn about MANY lifestyle habits and balancing foods that you can use for the rest of your life to feel vibrantly healthy.

Over a series of appointments, and at a manageable pace, we will create a plan that follows YOUR body’s lead. Together we will slowly and mindfully add simple Ayurvedic practices to your life with the intention of permanently synching your body and mind to its natural state of vibrancy. When making lifestyle shifts, we aim for manageable, steady progress, not quick fixes or extreme changes. With my guidance, you’ll fine-tune your ability to tap into your inner wisdom and easily make healthy choices for your body and mind.

I am so excited to guide you and support you in your exploration of your health through the lens of Ayurveda. Are you ready to start participating in your health? If you are ready to implement these surprisingly simple ways of living, book an appointment with me. You’ll love how you feel…