Arrival to your session
New clients, please arrive for your appointment 10 minutes prior to the scheduled starting time. This allows you the time to fill out our Health History Form and prepare for the service. For your convenience, you can print out this form HERE for massage (or HERE for acupuncture) to complete and bring to your first session if you prefer not to spend time on paperwork in the office. All sessions have a specific time schedule and early arrival allows for a relaxed and unhurried experience.

Note:  All our sessions are by appointment only.  While we are in session we keep our main suite door locked to maintain quiet and privacy.  If you arrive early and our suite door is locked, please have a seat and someone will be with you shortly.

Late arrival
We regret that late arrivals will not receive extension of scheduled appointments. In special cases, and when our schedule will allow, we may be able to accommodate a partial or full appointment. This will be at our discretion and only with proper, advanced notification of your late arrival. The full session fee will be charged.

Cancellation Policy
Should you need to cancel or reschedule your appointment 24 hours notice is required. Appointments cancelled with less than 24 hours notice will be paid for in full by the client.

Gratuities are gratefully accepted but absolutely not expected for Massage Therapy only. The best tip you could give would be to write about your positive experience on Yelp or Google or to recommend Well Within to your friends and family members who you feel would enjoy and benefit from our services. It is important to us that our clients maintain good health through continued care. We understand that the costs of continued care can be significant for some and would encourage you to use these heathcare dollars to take the very best care of you!

Discounts, Coupons and Vouchers
Discounts, Coupons and Vouchers may not be combined, or added to Integrated Series Cards, Integrated Packages, or Gift Certificates.  Only one discount, coupon or voucher may be applied to a single session.

Treatment Guidelines
Our therapists are happy to adjust pressure, temperature, room lighting, music volume, work longer on an area or move on if you request it. During massage treatments, you may choose to leave on as much clothing as needed for comfort, refuse any massage methods or end the massage at any time. The treatment room door is never locked. Massage clients will be draped at all times. Only the area being worked on will be undraped. This is for both your protection and the therapist’s.

Well Within maintains a professional environment and reserves the right to terminate a session in the event of a client’s inappropriate behavior, intoxication or sexual advances. Our services are strictly non-sexual. Misconduct of a sexual nature will result in immediate termination of the session. Payment for appointed service will be rendered in full and inappropriate conduct will be reported to the proper authorities. Termination of a session is completely at the discretion of the therapist without a requirement of explanation.

Confidentiality and Conversation
The discussion between you and your practitioner is confidential. For those clients undergoing continued care at Well Within our practitioners may share treatment notes for the purposes of continuity of care for the client. You may or may not choose to talk during the massage. We are happy to listen to your conversation and share our professional expertise.

Scope of Practice/Medical Conditions
Well Within practitioners have valid licenses (where applicable) to perform their specialties. Our services should not be seen as a substitute for medical care, medical examination, or diagnosis. It is the client’s responsibility to keep all Well Within practitioners up to date on known medical conditions and any changes to health status.

Series Sessions
Series sessions expire 365 days from the date of purchase.