We are in the business of empowering YOU to take care of your health and wellness. Here is a list of our most effective tips for strengthening your immune system.

Remember – our bodies are incredibly resilient and intelligent. They just need us to provide the environment in which they can thrive. These tips will help keep you strong – not just in the short term – but if this information is followed as practical tips to live by, your long-term health will be strengthened.

1. Reduce Inflammation

  • Inflammation weakens the immune system. Reducing inflammation is an important starting point for helping our immune system to have the resources available to fight pathogens.
  • Since so much of our food and drinks are filled with ingredients that cause inflammation, our bodies are so overwhelmed with trying to process and digest the inflammatory foods, that our immune system loses strength.
  • Cut back on inflammatory foods that contain:
    • refined sugar
    • artificial sweeteners
    • dairy
    • gluten
    • preservatives
    • conventional meats
    • processed meats
    • anything that has an ingredient you can’t pronounce.
  • Consume plenty of anti-inflammatory foods:
    • fresh vegetables – all kinds
    • high-quality protein from healthy pasture-raised animals or plants
    • high-quality fats (avocados, nuts, seeds, ghee, coconut oil, olive oil)
    • fresh fruits
    • whole grains
  • Cook your own meals – packaged foods or fast foods cause inflammation.

2. Get plenty of Rest

  • Rest your body between 10pm and 6am to optimize the function of your immune system, which is most activated during these hours and is most effective when we are sleeping.
  • try these sleep tips:
    • keep the room dark or wear a sleep mask
    • keep the room quiet or wear earplugs
    • no screens for 30 – 60 min before sleep
    • start a bedtime ritual
    • don’t work/watch TV in bed – beds are just for sleeping
    • don’t do heavy exercise within 3 hours of bedtime

3. Reduce Stress

  • Stress releases hormones that cause inflammation. Make this a priority if you want to strengthen your immune system. These practices are proven to reduce stress hormones in the body:

4. Hydrate

  • Staying hydrated with clean, fresh water or tea is recommended for optimal health.
  • Sipping on warm water or tea with lemon throughout the day has many health benefits and keeps your immune system functioning well.
  • Icy cold drinks, on the other hand, can weaken our digestion (which is strongly linked to our immune system) and slow down the functions of the liver (which is also part of the immune system). So – stick with warm to room-temp liquids for optimal hydration and functioning of your immune system.
  • Sugary drinks like soda and juices – even artificially sweetened, low-calorie drinks – are filled with ingredients that cause inflammation. Stay away from these for a healthy immune system.

5. Incorporate some immune-boosting foods/spices in your meals:

  • turmeric
  • cumin
  • ginger
  • garlic
  • dark leafy greens
  • cruciferous vegetables
  • Sweet juicy fruits like apples and pears

6. Make your last meal before 7pm

  • This is important because – as we mentioned earlier – the immune system is activated while we sleep. However, if the body is digesting a late meal or snack, resources are diverted to digestion and the immune system functioning is reduced.

7. Aromatherapy

  • Try diffusing these essential oils to fight airborne pathogens and to relieve stress:
    • Lavender Essential Oil
    • Lemon Essential Oil
    • Eucalyptus Essential Oil
    • Rosemary Essential Oil
    • Tea Tree Essential Oil
    • Clove Bud Essential Oil
    • Cinnamon Essential Oil

These are all things you can do from home and will help you strengthen your health! You got this!