Some would say we spend too much time glued to our laptops and phones.  At the same time, the digital world has opened up so much access to valuable tools and resources to make our lives easier, more productive and even healthier!  Yup, I said healthier!

We asked our staff to share some of the digital self-care tools they personally use (and love!) to take care of themselves.

Headspace – This one came up by SEVERAL of our staff.  Headspace is an app that teaches and guides the user through meditations.  Anita said “ I LOVE Headspace. I started meditating using a CD/book form Jon Kabat Zinn. After hearing that so many people I know liked Headspace, I tried the free 10 days and then bought it. I really like how they tie it into your everyday life and the little reminders as to why we should meditate that pop up on my phone. I like it so much I’ve given it as a gift”

Yoga With Adriene (YouTube) – We have talked about this one before but keep coming back to it.  At least 4 of us (that i know of) in the office practice yoga using Adriene’s free YouTube channel videos.  I personally love a yoga practice that begins with intros like “What’s up party people?” But seriously, her videos are informative, effective and fun.

The Breathing App – This is a new one Laura just discovered through a recommendation from the Chopra Center (where she is currently taking an Ayurveda certification course!)  Inspired by resonance, the scientific name that describes what happens when our heart rate, heart rate variability, blood pressure, and brainwave function come into a coherent frequency. This is the rate of breathing that Buddhist monks and Yogis naturally enter into while meditating.

Insight Timer –  “ Insight timer creates a space that keeps me consistent with my practice. The meditation reminder each morning gets me onto my seat. Once I’m there, the data that it collects is really valuable. It gives you insight (pun intended) over the months and years to see how life events changed your practice (or how meditation helped soften those busy times).”

Couple of recommendations from this app are “Relax and Sleep Well” This 29 minute meditation incorporates hypnosis to help you relax and fall into a deep, restful sleep.  Also, for fun, “F*ck That – An Honest Meditation” by Jason Headley. This one is HILARIOUS and, honestly, pretty effective if you are in a “F*ck That” kind of a mood. For real!

The Honest Guys (YouTube) – “This channel has great guided meditations for loads of things .. sleep, exercise, loving kindness, shamanic journey, anxiety and stress.”–Veronica