While most of us welcome spring with arms wide open, there are some of us who dread it with the most dreadful of dreads–spring allergy sufferers.

I have a good friend (the same one who created our beautiful logo as a matter of fact) who has an annual Facebook post that goes something like “spring. i shake my fist at you”  (This years actual post.)

While the rest of us are splashing in puddles and marveling in short sleeve shirt wearing, the allergy sufferers are curled up in balls with mind crushing headaches among piles of used tissues.  We can help you!

Many allergy sufferers experience sinus congestion, runny nose, watery eyes, head pressure and headaches.  While massage is definitely not a cure for hay fever (and should not be used as a replacement for doctor prescribed medications or suggested treatments), it can be very effective in easing some of these symptoms associated with these allergies.

When you come in for a massage to help with spring allergies you will begin to feel immediate relief from sinus congestion from simply lying face down on the massage table.

Massage creates relaxation and reduces stress levels which can keep your allergies in check by lowering the heart rate, regulating blood pressure and by improving blood circulation.

Massage can help clear mucous in the sinus passages and throat.  Phlegm is loosened with a gentle tapping on the area above the chest, and with long slow strokes from the chest to the throat that encourages mucous expulsion.

Sinus allergy symptoms may also be relieved through sinus/face massage. This works to clear any allergy sinus congestion by using acupressure techniques upon the head and face, and by using finger pressure to move congestion through the sinus so that it can be expelled.

Relief is waiting!  Call us today!