This time of year, many of us are training for upcoming races (5ks, marathons, bike races, etc.) or even multi-sport competitions like triathlons.  Some of us, while not the competing type, are simply working hard to get in shape for beach season (YAY beach season!!)

This increase in activity and repetitive training can cause muscle soreness/fatigue and even, in some (many) cases injury.

I, myself, trained over a 4 month period for a 10k event last spring.  I received many massages over this time to address knee pain resulting from tight IT bands.  Between the massage and using my trusty foam roller I was able to move past the knee pain altogether.  Unfortunately I had a bad ankle sprain during one of my training runs which put me completely out of training. I did physical therapy, chiropractic and saw a podiatrist during my recovery and all were very helpful (especially in the acute phase) but regular massage was undoubtedly the greatest factor in getting my ankle back to normal.  A tight anterior tibialis muscle was keeping me from feeling 100% at the end of my recovery and a couple sessions of focused work on the area wiped the tension out completely.  My ankle truly feels normal again.

Laura (Well Within co-owner) has trained for and completed two half marathons.  She says- “I found massage very helpful post race as my body seemed to suffer from overworked muscles – the repetitive motion of running for 2.5 hours messed with my hips and massage really helped alleviate pain and soreness in that area!  yay!”

Massage therapist, Alison Klein, is an avid racer with the following races under her belt:

BAA 5K – April 2011

JPMorgan Challenge – June 2011

Tufts 10K – October 2011

Rockland Road Runners Turkey Trot – November 2011

Hyannis Marathon Relay – February 2012

When asked how massage has helped her accomplish these feats she says, “I had severe hip pain prior to the BAA 5K – so much so that I was worried that I wouldn’t be able to run.  With massage and chiropractic work in the weeks leading up to the race, I was able to keep loose and the hip pain started to subside.  The day of the race I set a new personal record!  I also had a massage set up post-race so that I could stay loose and also relax.  I had another flair up of hip pain prior to the Hyannis race.  Again – with the help of massage keeping me loose and working on the adhesions in my glutes, hamstrings and quads, I was able to go out and run my longest road race yet.  I ran a 7.1 mile race faster than I had run the 6.2 Tufts 10K in October.”

Getting massage after vigorous exercise can reduce pain and help muscles recover by easing inflammation, improving blood flow and reducing muscle tightness.

We have worked on hundreds of runners, bikers, swimmers, rowers, tennis players, golfers and other weekend warriors at Well Within and have a great understanding of how each of these sports can affect the body.  We also have what we believe is the absolute best network of allied health professionals that we commonly refer to to help our clients move past injury and work at peak performance.  You need a running coach?  We’ve got a great one.  You need a chiropractor or custom orthotics?  We know where to send you.  Let us help build the best support team around you so that you can finish strong!

Best of luck out there!