I remember a few years ago when I was just in the beginning stages of taking my health more seriously, I would have these random days where I felt just amazing. My energy was on fire. The brain fog was gone. And I loved it!

The next day it was gone again. And I would wait for days or weeks for it to “randomly” come back. What did I do differently that day? How can I recreate that energy?

Eventually, I was led to study Ayurveda and learned that what I was experiencing those days was a strong healthy Agni – and there’s lots we can do to keep it going strong!

Agni, a Sanskrit word that translates to “fire” is a concept in Ayurveda that is closely related to our metabolism and digestion. Agni lives in our abdomen and it is in charge of extracting nutrients from our food, “burning” up toxins for a strong immune system, and even processing our emotions.

Keeping Agni strong is the foundation of health according to Ayurveda.

When Agni is weak, our health begins to decline, and one of the signs of low Agni is low energy. When Agni is strong, our body is strong, our skin is clear and radiant, and we have abundant energy.

Once I understood this concept and started practicing some of the recommendations of Ayurveda every day, I felt better and better. Now I experience those days of being clear-headed and full of energy, more often than not. YES!

So, here’s a few tips to strengthen your Agni – or your metabolism/digestion – and boost your energy naturally:

  1. Try aiming to compose your plate of 75% colorful veggies and the rest: grains, fat, and meat or other protein. When the majority of your food is packed with nutrients (think vegetables) and easy to digest, your body can extract the energy-boosting nutrients, and you start to feel awesome.
  2. Lightly cooking your fresh vegetables makes extracting nutrients way more efficient, and starts to build your energy levels. Your veg can be steamed, stir-fried or sauteed ‘til they turn a beautiful bright color.
  3. Avoid drinking icy cold drinks, or drinking too much liquid during a meal. Doing this can weaken Agni. Instead, opt for sipping on hot water with lemon or your favorite tea.

There is so much more you can do to boost your energy with simple lifestyle changes based in Ayurveda. Click here to learn more about how to use Ayurveda to boost your energy and be the healthiest you’ve ever been.