What is Integrated Health?

The part can never be well unless the whole is well. – Plato

At Well Within, integrated health is characterized by a partnership between the client, our multi-specialty health care team and our network of colleagues in health care. This partnership involves communication and collaboration between all members of a client’s health care team. Together we establish a comprehensive treatment plan where the goal is to treat the body, mind and holistic health all at the same time.

What makes this model unique from traditional health care is the treatment of the whole person–not just the disease, injury or pain that they may be experiencing. By addressing one’s physical health, mental/psychological health and the mind-body connection, we are treating each individual as a whole entity whose body and mind are interconnected.

We offer compassionate, one-on-one attention with a broad approach to healing that draws from many cultures with respect for other disciplines and our own scope of practice boundaries. Our staff effectively communicates treatment goals and plans with clients, colleagues and physicians. The therapies we offer are intended to be complementary to traditional medicine and should not be seen as replacement to standard care.

We believe our whole-person integrated strategy offers an effective way for clients to remain healthier longer. At Well Within, we encourage better self-care and self-maintenance, while helping clients recover from illness and dysfunction more quickly. Our therapies help reduce or avoid complications of chronic disease, and boost peace of mind by teaching strategies to effectively manage stress. Finally, our clients save money through reduced “sick-care” expenditures and live more productive, happier lives.

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