Well Within’s Gift Guide

Written by Tamara Luck, Well Within Staff

Holiday season is upon us! This also means that hundreds of magazines and websites are trying to convince us they have the perfect gifts we need to buy. While of course there is nothing wrong with buying gifts for your friends and family, our gift guide focuses on “gifts” that help keep you healthy, calm and close to your loved ones.

This is a gift to yourself! Meditation can significantly reduce stress and focus your mind. Even just a few minutes of mediation may impact the rest of your day. If you are just trying out meditation for the first time, try using a Youtube video or the app Headspace to guide you.

Keep Active
Your body will thank you for some movement in between all the holiday treats and indoor activities. Try going on a short walk with a friend or listening to an intriguing podcast. It will help keep you active and the crisp winter air may help clear your mid.

When the stress of the holiday’s take over, it is easy to forget that not everybody can enjoy the holidays. For example, the wildfires in California have forced thousands of people to evacuate their homes. If you aren’t feeling financially stretched thin, you can donate to help the families affected by the fire here: http://vcunitedway.org/

Offer Your Help
If you have any extra time, offering your time to help someone can remind them you care about them. Simple acts of kindness may be an invaluable present.

Remind People How You Feel About Them
Use this holiday season to express your feelings towards your loved ones. In this dark and cold season, hearing someone cares about is truly warming.

Practice Gratitude
Taking a minute in the morning to write down what you are grateful for is a fantastic reminder of the little joys that surround us. Presents are fun, but noticing and appreciating the things in our life we are thankful for helps keep things in perspective.

Treat Yourself!
In a season focused on pleasing others, don’t forget to give yourself gift. Buy yourself something nice or take time to genuinely relax. And don’t forget, Well Within is here for you if you need a relaxing massage, acupuncture session or yoga session!

Happy Holidays!
From The Well Within Staff

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