Sleep Hygiene Workshop

Led by Maggie Dion
Thursday, April 26th 7-8pm


High quality sleep is more important than diet and exercise COMBINED.

That’s a bold statement to make, but it’s true! We all know that high-quality sleep is crucial for both healing and sustained wellness. When sleeping, the body appears still and inactive, but sleep is a time when the body is quite busy. Sleep is a time for your body to perform maintenance and healing functions such as restocking hormones, detoxing, repairing damaged tissues, generating white blood cells for immunity, processing the impact of stress or heavy emotions, and so much more.

Despite the vital nature of sleep, we live in a time where poor quality sleep and sleep disorders are common. Instead of getting a full night of high quality sleep, many of us have trouble falling asleep and are waking up tired and already dreaming of diving back into bed that night. The good news is with some simple lifestyle and dietary changes you can optimize your sleep so you wake feeling rested and have sustained energy throughout the day. Yes, it is possible to not fall victim to the 2pm energy crash and the daily need for coffee and sugar to get through the day!

This workshop will cover the interconnectedness of a good night’s sleep to the various systems in your body, the impact it has on your day, and the simple steps you can take to regain control of your sleep and energy.

You will leave the workshop with an exclusive guide full of sleep hygiene tips to implement throughout the day and a customized plan for how you can achieve restorative sleep each and every night.

Led by Maggie Dion
Thursday, April 26th 7-8pm

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