Functional Nutrition Services

Holistic Health Coaching

with Maggie Dion

Discover the way to your best health through functional nutrition. Heal with food. Feel amazing.

“Trusting your gut” is taken to a whole new level when working with Maggie. If you know deep down your health can be improved, and your “gut” is telling you something is “off” nutritionally, our Functional Nutrition expert, Maggie Dion is just the person to help!

Nutrition Discovery Session (50 mins) $50

Your health journey begins here! The 50 minute discovery session is designed to help identify which functional nutrition package best aligns with where you are in your health journey and where you would like to go. We will review your health journey to date, modalities you have tried, and where there is room for improvement. This is your opportunity to pretend you have a magic wand and pin point your top health complaints or symptoms that you’d like to disappear! Once we review your health goals, we will discuss how I work and the best fit for your personal needs.

You will leave the discovery session with some health tips to implement immediately and kickstart your healing journey. In addition, together we will select the functional nutrition program that is best suited to help meet your goals and restore your innate health. Nutrition Discovery Session

Food Sensitivity Workshops

Monthly workshops designed to identify food sensitivities. Full details HERE.

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