Guided Meditation

Guided Meditation

Meditation in motion is an accessible way to describe the art of practicing meditation with ease. Meditation is a natural state of mind and can be linked to the moment we awake, where our awareness is deep, relaxed, unhurried and non-judgmental. Some describe the practice as a way to UN-learn repetitive patterns and to remember that stillness is a primal and necessary complement to action and movement. In your guided meditation practice you will be led to consider body sensations; anatomical focus; qualities within your awareness such as temperature, vibration and inner undulations; and breathing practices that support these heightened practices. The meditations we offer are accessible and adaptable, as they will bring greater peace and support a smooth flow with life. Being at ease mentally and emotionally allows the body to function optimally and the mind to approach decisions more clearly.

30 minutes: $55
60 minutes: $95

Learn more about our practitioners:

Annie Carter
Jill Testagrossa

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