May Acupuncture Special – Acupuncture for Fertility

Recent studies on the effects of Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) in treating infertility have shown astounding results.  But just how does acupuncture and Chinese herbal therapy improve fertility in both men and women?

–Acupuncture reduces the production of stress hormones, causing a release of endorphins producing a profound state of relaxation.  Research has shown that elevated stress levels significantly lower pregnancy rates.
–Regular acupuncture treatments result in hormonal regulation and balance.
–Needle insertion in specific points increases ovarian and uterine blood flow, which stimulates ovulation and enhances the growth of the uterine lining.
–Acupuncture supports implantation and growth of the embryo during the crucial initial stages of fetal development.
–Herbal therapy nourishes and strengthens the body and increases the assimilation of critical nutrients for a healthy pregnancy.
Traditional Chinese Medicine treatments increase and improve the quality, quantity and motility of sperm.  Therefore male partners are encouraged to receive regular treatments as well, to increase the odds of pregnancy.
–TCM strives to balance the “foundation” of the body.  When the foundation is healthy and the life energy (Qi) flows freely, the body has the optimal chance to restore normal functioning and correct the problem of infertility on it’s own.

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