Inbar Israel Stolovicki



Inbar became a certified reflexologist in her home country of Israel, where reflexology is well integrated into hospitals
and medical centers as a highly respected treatment for medical concerns. Inbar taught reflexology for 10 years in Israel. In the U.S. she serves as vice president of MAR (Massachusetts Association of Reflexology) and she is member of RAA (Reflexology Association of America).

Inbar is passionate about reflexology and educating her clients about the health of their feet, and the way they walk. With over 17 years of experience as a reflexology practitioner, Inbar has developed her own unique style of reflexology. She works from the knees to the toes, and she combines traditional reflexology and Reiki. The combination of these techniques gives her patients better results in a shorter time.  Inbar’s sessions help to bring healing to her client’s symptoms and supports them as they go through life’s transitions.

Inbar and her family moved to the U.S. three years ago, where her husband is continuing his post doctorate studies. She loves to travel and explore the U.S.

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