David O’Connell

David is a results driven, career professional with 20 years experience, offering advanced, cutting edge systems of movement and soft tissue bodywork and providing sustained relief for a wide range of clients that were in acute pain or suffering from an injury including:

  • All age ranges from youth to elderly
  • Professionals & executives
  • NCAA Division 1 & 3 and Olympic athletes
  • Fitness enthusiasts such as golfers, tennis players, marathoners, triathletes
  • Pre and post-surgical patients with a range of conditions such as rotator cuff issues, numbness, and hip or knee replacements.

David has taught and trained clients in Tai Chi Chuan, Vinyasa Yoga and Primal Movement patterns. He uses a variety of functional movement screens to establish a baseline and determine a client’s movement health and with a variety of soft tissue therapies and techniques, such as Active Isolated Stretching & Strengthening, Fascial release, Manual Ligament Therapy, helps to enhance range of motion, add flexibility, break down scar tissue, and eliminate trigger points and pain as well as rebuild strength and restore function.

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