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Do you feel guilty about taking care of yourself?

I just wanted to share some real comments I’ve heard from my clients recently…. “My massage appointments are in my calendar as ‘shoulder appointment’ because I don’t want my husband knowing how much I am getting massage for this.” –

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Coming Clean: Keto

For the past six months, I (Celeste) have been following a Ketogenic diet (high fat/moderate protein/low carbohydrate.)  Honestly, I have felt apprehensive about sharing that with the Well Within masses.  Of course some of my regular clients know.  I’ve lost

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Feel Better in Your Body – Do the Things You Love Again

Do you love being active, but feel your body is holding you back from doing the things you love? Maybe its because of an injury or accident, or maybe its just been more and more difficult over time for no

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Staff Picks: 5 FREE Self-Care Resources (Apps/Channels) to Uplevel Your Health

Some would say we spend too much time glued to our laptops and phones.  At the same time, the digital world has opened up so much access to valuable tools and resources to make our lives easier, more productive and

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Quick Tip for Choosing Fun Healthy Habits That Stick

What’s YOUR next step in up-leveling your health? Whether you are already in a good groove with your health or if you are just starting out with the beginning of the “New Year” (back-to-school) now is as good a time

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Back to School = Back to Health

  Happy New (school) Year!! As someone who thrives on set schedules (with occasional spontaneity of course!) I am so happy the new school year has arrived.  Summer schedules in my house are great – the kids do different camps

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WTF My Hair is Falling Out!

Hi everyone! I recently got back from a fantastic family vacation in the UK. We stayed in a spectacular area of England with incredible, inspiring views. This is a shot from just of one of our unbelievable hikes. 🙂 I

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Massage and Movement – Perfect Together

This video, featuring Anita Luck, Functional Movement Specialist at Well Within, explains how you can benefit from incorporating Movement Training into your Massage Therapy routine. If you are experiencing chronic discomfort or pain in your body, you should watch this

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Symptoms are Signals – Part 1

How Listening to Your Body Can Lead You to Vibrant Health a 3 Part Blog Series Becoming more aware of the signals from your body, is the first step in learning to take better care of it. How do we

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The #1 Health Tip that EVERYONE Should Follow

The #1 Health Tip that EVERYONE Should Follow by Maggie Dion Functional Nutrition Coach at Well Within Ever Changing and Conflicting Health Tips These days we are inundated with massive amounts of health and nutrition information. Many times this information

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