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WTF My Hair is Falling Out!

Hi everyone! I recently got back from a fantastic family vacation in the UK. We stayed in a spectacular area of England with incredible, inspiring views. This is a shot from just of one of our unbelievable hikes. 🙂 I

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Massage and Movement – Perfect Together

This video, featuring Anita Luck, Functional Movement Specialist at Well Within, explains how you can benefit from incorporating Movement Training into your Massage Therapy routine. If you are experiencing chronic discomfort or pain in your body, you should watch this

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Symptoms are Signals – Part 1

How Listening to Your Body Can Lead You to Vibrant Health a 3 Part Blog Series Becoming more aware of the signals from your body, is the first step in learning to take better care of it. How do we

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The #1 Health Tip that EVERYONE Should Follow

The #1 Health Tip that EVERYONE Should Follow by Maggie Dion Functional Nutrition Coach at Well Within Ever Changing and Conflicting Health Tips These days we are inundated with massive amounts of health and nutrition information. Many times this information

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Your Body Called, Did you Get the Message?

Written by Maggie Dion, Functional Nutritionist I think we can all agree that symptoms are annoying, but they aren’t that unusual. Symptoms are so common that pretty much everyone has experienced some degree of fatigue, gas, bloating, constipation, headaches, skin

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Cruisin’ into summer Ayurvedically

By Becca Stoltz, Ayurvedic Wellness Counselor It’s here. We wait all year, feeling like it will never arrive, and then all of a sudden…summer. Don’t get me wrong; I’m a born and bred New Englander. I love snow, cozy sweaters,

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Be Empowered, Be Healthy

    Many years ago, when I began working in the natural wellness industry, I fell in love with the concept that our bodies possess an innate wisdom, and that wisdom, should we choose to trust and listen to it,

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Postpartum Massage for the Fourth Trimester

Nurturing and therapeutic touch for women during pregnancy and the postpartum phase is not a new concept- cultural and anthropological studies have demonstrated that massage and movement have been part of the care and health of the childbearing years throughout

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What’s Your Favorite Cold Remedy?

I just had a client come in who is getting over a cold (well, more accurately, many of my clients are coming in with remnants of colds) and he commented that many of his friends were giving him all their

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A Review of Yoga Camp: Candy for the Body and Soul

A Review of Yoga Camp: Candy for the Body and Soul by Mary Wahlman-Krogh, LMT at Well Within As a massage therapist, someone who helps people take care of themselves, people often ask me about my own self-care routines. In

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