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Do you feel guilty about taking care of yourself?

I just wanted to share some real comments I’ve heard from my clients recently…. “My massage appointments are in my calendar as ‘shoulder appointment’ because I don’t want my husband knowing how much I am getting massage for this.” –

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WTF My Hair is Falling Out!

Hi everyone! I recently got back from a fantastic family vacation in the UK. We stayed in a spectacular area of England with incredible, inspiring views. This is a shot from just of one of our unbelievable hikes. 🙂 I

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Creating a Therapeutic Space

Creating a Therapeutic Space by Veronica Adler, LMT As massage therapists, we never know what someone walking through our door may be going through. Chronic pain issues, stress, anxiety, and injury are just a few of the issues that someone

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Do Acupuncture Needles Hurt? (And Other Common Questions About Needles)

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Be Empowered, Be Healthy

    Many years ago, when I began working in the natural wellness industry, I fell in love with the concept that our bodies possess an innate wisdom, and that wisdom, should we choose to trust and listen to it,

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What’s Your Favorite Cold Remedy?

I just had a client come in who is getting over a cold (well, more accurately, many of my clients are coming in with remnants of colds) and he commented that many of his friends were giving him all their

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Acupuncture for Immune Health

by Meghan Meade, Licensed Acupuncturist Fall is officially here, and while we might collectively rejoice in its glorious manifestations – pumpkin-flavored everything, football, crisper weather (and its resultant reprieve from continual sweating), Halloween, etc – it’s not all rainbows and

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Can Acupuncture Help Me Lose Weight?

One of the questions many of our clients ask about, however, is if acupuncture can support weight loss. The answer is YES! Acupuncture is not a weight loss solution, but it is a wonderful complementary therapy to eating right and exercising. With

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Finding “The One”

Acupuncture, Massage, Yoga? Which Treatment is Best for Me? Working in this industry for the past 13 years, I am often faced with a client asking me which treatment is best for their particular condition. Is it massage? acupuncture? chiropractic?

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Acupuncture and Depression

Did you know that depression is commonly treated using acupuncture? Did you know there are points on the limbs, head, ears and back that specifically treat emotions? When someone comes in with a main complaint of depression, it is important

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