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Need Sleep? Watch This and Find Out How We Can Help.

  Register for our Sleep Hygiene Workshop with Maggie Dion, Functional Nutritionist, and learn what could be causing your sleep issues from a holistic perspective.  Learn more HERE.

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Massage and Movement – Perfect Together

This video, featuring Anita Luck, Functional Movement Specialist at Well Within, explains how you can benefit from incorporating Movement Training into your Massage Therapy routine. If you are experiencing chronic discomfort or pain in your body, you should watch this

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Neck & Shoulder Self-Massage

Watch this video of Veronica Adler, LMT as she leads us through a 10 minute self-massage of the head, neck and shoulders. Perfect for tension built up from working at a desk, or for relieving tension headaches.

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Symptoms are Signals – Part 1

How Listening to Your Body Can Lead You to Vibrant Health a 3 Part Blog Series Becoming more aware of the signals from your body, is the first step in learning to take better care of it. How do we

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Energy and Bodywork

by Veronica Adler, LMT According to eastern philosophy, the physical body contains several energy centers through which the life force (prana, chi or qi) travels.  These energy centers, called chakras, are an integral part of energy healing, yoga, and many

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Your Body Called, Did you Get the Message?

Written by Maggie Dion, Functional Nutritionist I think we can all agree that symptoms are annoying, but they aren’t that unusual. Symptoms are so common that pretty much everyone has experienced some degree of fatigue, gas, bloating, constipation, headaches, skin

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5 Ways to Love Your Liver

Written by Maggie Dion, Functional Nutritionist Let your Liver Know you Love it The holidays are an ideal time to soak up time with friends and family, enjoy some seasonal treats, and indulge in your favorite holiday traditions. However, sometimes

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Well Within’s Gift Guide

Written by Tamara Luck, Well Within Staff Holiday season is upon us! This also means that hundreds of magazines and websites are trying to convince us they have the perfect gifts we need to buy. While of course there is

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What is Functional Movement Training?

What is Functional Movement? By Anita Luck, Movement Specialist Functional Movement is a fancy way of describing how our bodies, when in healthy and in balance, should be moving. If we are moving “functionally”, all the different parts of the

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Creating a Therapeutic Space

Creating a Therapeutic Space by Veronica Adler, LMT As massage therapists, we never know what someone walking through our door may be going through. Chronic pain issues, stress, anxiety, and injury are just a few of the issues that someone

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