Acupuncture Clinic

May is for Mothers!

Acupuncture Clinic to Support Fertility

Mondays and Fridays 7am – 10am
30 minute treatments
Pre-registration required/ Call / Book online

This is community style acupuncture where you will be seated in a room with one or two other folks who are also getting treated. These treatments are 30 minutes long and will focus on boosting your energy (in March) and improving your quality of sleep (in April). If you have something else you would like addressed with acupuncture, please book a private session with David or Patricia by calling our main number or booking online.

*For best results,* 3 to 5 visits are recommended.

Stress and low energy levels are linked. When we are stressed, our resources are depleted and we feel overwhelmed and exhausted.

Chinese medicine believes that when one or more parts or systems of the body are weak, or dysfunctional, those imbalances can eventually lead to illness. Acupuncture re-balances the systems of the body, which allows the body to restore health and increase energy levels as well as balance the body’s natural sleep rhythms for deeper, more restful sleep.

When the body is balanced, energy levels are restored, and the body regains the resources to heal, and feel great.

David Robbins, LAc
Patricia Dazet, LAc