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Take a deep breath and tune-in. If you are feeling tired, run down, or stressed-out, then this might be just the pick-me-up you need for a Monday morning!

Mondays 7am – 10am October/November/December
30 minute treatments
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This is community style acupuncture where you will be seated in a room with one or two other folks who are also getting treated. These treatments are 30 minutes long and will focus on immune boosting and stress relief only. If you have something else you would like addressed with acupuncture, please book a private session with David by calling our main number or booking online.

*For best results,* 3 to 5 visits are recommended.

Stress and Immunity are linked. When we are stressed, our immune system is compromised.

Chinese medicine believes that when one or more parts or systems of the body are weak, or dysfunctional, those imbalances weaken the immune system and can result in disease (dis-ease).

Acupuncture re-balances the systems of the body, which allows the body to naturally fight pathogens.

When the body is balanced, stress is reduced and a sense of calm is restored.

David Robbins, LAc



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